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SIG 229


Now, Sig Sauer is a company which is overly known for manufacturing state of the art double- and single-action pistols for a long time. The P229 model, however, brings more than what you might have expected. It’s particularly convenient as it comes in the perfect size – compact yet large enough for serious self-defense usage. The standard trigger pull is rather stable, but you can tune them differently from the manufactured setting. The grips are also capable of being changed to fit different gripping preferences.



The accuracy in any chambering is perfectly convenient, and it comes with exceptional reliability as well as longevity. The service lives in 9mm variants which are often going to exceed 100,000 rounds. The truth is that the company has spent quite a lot of time manufacturing the P229 and this reflects in the high-end quality of the gun. It is amongst the most versatile weapons offered on the market and executed brilliantly. It comes with a tremendous amount of convenience and brilliant firepower, regardless of the convenient and compact sizing.


Test It Out

If you are hesitant about making a final decision, you can go ahead and come to our venue and test it out. The SIG 229 is without a doubt one of the preferred options, but it’s always important to try out the gun that you want to buy. It is going to provide you with that necessary and much-needed sensation as well as a feeling of the way the gun feels when you hold it. It’s something that you can’t skip.


Of course, if you fail to fall in love with the SIG 229, which is highly unlikely, you can always take advantage of the abundance of guns that we offer and try something else out.

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