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SIG P220-45


The first thing that you will undeniably notice about the Sig P220-45 us the solid slide made out of stainless steel. The craftsmen finish managed to turn it flat-back, giving it a sensation of sturdiness yet keeping the current statement. The grip of the pistol resembles wood, and they are most certainly going to grab your attention when it comes to it. It’s just as if you have your custom rims on your brand new sports car.



When it comes to the features of the pistol, the P220-45 comes with a big and convenient beavertail. It is also of the same size as other 1911 pistols. The BT serves two separate purposes – it ensures that your hand is right where it needs to be as you draw the gun out of your holster and it also makes sure that you wouldn’t have to worry about slide bites. It is something particularly convenient. The out-of-the-box accuracy of the gun is also quite phenomenal, to say the least. It is far more than just acceptable when it comes to being a CCW handgun.


Test It Out

Of course, before you go forward and purchase the gun, you must try it out. It is very vital to take it into consideration, and it’s something that you should certainly account. Feel free to visit our shop and give the SIG P220 .45 a shot – or some shots, if you want. The pistol provides a very stable real feel, and that’s something that our clients adore. At the same time, you will also be able to take a look at a range of other units, should you feel like the SIG P220 .45 caliber isn’t your gun. We have an abundance of weapons that you can take a look at and try out.

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