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Smith & Wesson CZ75B .40


The line of CZ guns has been one of the most popular in the world since it was created, and has been dubbed “the most copied gun in the world”. When you look at the specs, you can see why it has such a reputation. It is one of the most reliable guns on the market, and has an infinite number of applications. The CZ75 is the flagship of this series, showcasing it’s trademark features. Not only is it powerful and useful, but it is one of the safest, so that you do not have to worry about accidents as long as you follow gun safety.



This gun only comes in single action, for those who prefer that method. This specific gun comes equipped with a firing pin block safety. The grip is made with ergonomic principles in mind, so that it feels good in your hand, increasing your confidence with the gun. The slide-in-frame design allows for a greater control of the recoil, so that you have more control over the gun overall. It’s 3 dot sighting system allows for easier accuracy when firing, especially when combined with the available for purchase tritium night sights. Because of the solid design and easy system use, it has a much longer service life than most other weapons of the same type.


The Gun Range

You can come to The Gun Range to try this gun, and many others, for a low price. You can rent this gun for use on the range, testing it’s firing power, strength, and uses. If you like it, you can purchase it then and there, according to local laws. If it ends up not living up to your needs, you can try one of other our numerous guns, and use the expertise of the staff to find the right gun for your needs.

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