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Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm


Home defense is not an issue that you should take lightly; it has to be your top priority. No matter where you live, there are risks of burglary or worse, and you must be prepared and able to protect yourself and your family. The M&P 9mm is one of the easiest to use and effective guns for home defense. It has long been used as the standard for home defense pistols. It combines safety, reliability, durability, and versatility to create one of the best guns on the market.



In order to build the reputation of being a standard gun for home defense, the M&P 9mm has had to have an extensive set of features. The chassis is made out of reinforced polymer in order to provide the most durable framing. The grip utilizes ergonomic principles, in order to provide a gun that feels natural and comfortable in your hand. It has ambidextrous controls, so that no matter who you are, the gun works properly, and fits well in your hand. It has a 17+1 round capacity, with the consistency of a striker fire action in order to give you the smoothest shot possible.


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If you want more information on this weapon, or want to test this pistol, visit The Gun Range. We offer the highest quality service, and can help you choose the right gun for you. Our expert knowledge can pinpoint the guns that are going to serve you in the best ways. You can rent this gun and as many others as you would like to get a feel for how they work and their capabilities. When you find a gun that you like, we can help you purchase the gun as well.

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