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Springfield EMP 9MM


The first impression from the Springfield EMP 9MM is fantastic. The fit, as well as the finish of the model, are splendid right down to the grips which are made out of wood and precisely cut on a milling machine. The slide comes with one of the contemporary and moderns upper-coatings which resemble aluminum but wear like steel. It attributes for the overly extruded appeal of the gun. The frame has been finished with a black anodized hard coat to provide the gun with a sleek design.



Of course, the gun does indeed come with quite a lot of features to it. It comes with 3 x 9 round magazines made out of stainless steel. They also have a rubber slam pad for increased convenience. There is low-profile and fixed combat rear, a tritium three-dot as well as a dovetail front for enhanced accuracy. The trigger is aluminum match grade, and it pressures about five to six pounds. The frame is out of forged aluminum alloy finished with anodized black hard-coat. The recoil system has a full-length guide rod, and it comes with a dual spring. All this attributes to a well-rounded 9 mm which is a pleasure to use.


Test It Out

You can try it out today if you come to our venue and take a look. It is important to ensure that you understand how the gun feels in your hands before you buy it. While it might look flawless on paper, it is important to get the exact impression in person. Of course, if you can’t wrap your mind around it and you do not think this is the gun for you, we have an array of different models for you to try out in our venue. Feel free to visit us so we can help you get the best item.

Call (916) 972-1484 for more info​.

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