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S&W M&P 22 LR


M&P pistols are created for precision and with the intent of being the most reliable and most accurate firearms that can be found. In fact, they provide individuals with an experience that is hard to descript. They are created with durability and comfort in mind. The S&W M&P 22 LR are able to handle as many rounds as you want them to. As they are engineered, great attention is paid to the detail and the ergonomics. These pistols are able to assist in connecting the shooter to the shot that they are trying to make. The M&P 22 is being created for training purposes and target shooting in mind.



The M&P 22 comes with a threaded barrel and sights to help ensure the shot is accurate. These guns are created for ambidextrous users, which means that they can be used by individuals who are both right and left handed. These pistols also contain a manual thumb safety. The polymer grip ensures that you will have a comfortable and firm grip on the weapon. The barrel is constructed using carbon steel in and the slide is made of aluminum alloy in order to increase the durability and reliability of the gun. The slide is finished with an Armornite coating in order to keep rust away.


This single action pistol is extremely versatile and can be used by a number of different individuals. The manual thumb safety helps prevent accidents from occurring. The materials and finishes that are used increase the durability of the gun. This means that it can last a long time in rough conditions. This pistol is also created with reliability in mind. This means that it is going to fire when you need it to fire.


Testing It Out

Created primarily for training and recreational shooting, the S&W M&P 22 LR is one of the most durable and reliable pistols you can find.

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