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S&W MP15


If you are looking for a modern sporting rifle, the S&W MP15 has become the modern ideal. This gun is built so that it can be used by a variety of different users in a number of different types of conditions. S&W MP15’s is both versatile and extremely reliable. They can be used for a number of different professional applications, sports shooting, and even for recreational purposes. These rifles are extremely easy to customize, due to the ease in which accessories can be added. However, the S&W MP15 is a bit difficult to put down once you pick it up. These rifles are extremely lightweight and are rugged. This combination provides them with the best of both function and form.



There are many features that are incorporated into the design of the S&W MP15. First of all, it contains a carry handle and rear sight that can be adjusted up to 600 meters. The bore and chamber are both lined with chrome. The MP15 also contains a chromed firing pin and an integral trigger guard that has been forged. The Armornite barrel finish keeps it rust-free and durable for a long time. It also comes with a 6 position stock that is collapsible. The MP15 is compatible with most of the standard AR15 accessories and components.


This is a 5.56 mm caliber rifle and has a capacity of 30 rounds. The weapon contains a manual safety and the barrel length is around 16”. The overall length of the gun is around 35” and it only weighs around 107 oz. The front and rear sight for the rifle can be adjusted. This weapon is a gas operated semi-automatic rifle that has a 6 position stock. It also contains a polymer grip.


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The barrel is constructed of steel and the frame is made of using Aluminum Alloy, meaning that the firearm is extremely durable.

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