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Gun Laws Recap – What Changed in 2018?

Did you know that most people consider California gun laws restrictive, especially when compared to other states? For example, all guns must be registered and only the local sheriff decides on permit issuance. Constitutional and open carry is not allowed, but you are allowed to carry a weapon in a restaurant or state parks and […]

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Will California Tighten Its Gun Laws Again?

The State of California isn’t ignoring the rate of firearm suicides and mass shootings happening on its territory. The legislators joined forces and decided to implement over ten fresh restrictions that have the goal of tightening the gun laws. The interesting thing to mention is that some of the bills’ votes were close to being […]

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New Proposed Changes to Gun Laws For Safer Schools

After the Florida shooting, much has been said about the need for stricter background checks when purchasing firearms and other laws to deter the mass worry that school shootings could happen again. United States President Donald Trump has called for a modification to gun laws that is more modest than his previous feelings on the […]

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Guide to Getting Your California CCW

California Gun Laws Can Be Very Strict In recent years, California has become one of the most restrictive states in terms of gun ownership, ammunition sales, and concealed carry permits. All of our choices are severely limited by what the state of California and the California Department of Justice has permitted us to use. Similarly, […]

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