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The Best Brands & Products to Consider When Purchasing Guns, Ammo, & Gear

Are you a shooting enthusiast ready to become a part of the community? If you want to deserve respect from other shooters, you need to have proper equipment at the range. Here are the best brands and products to consider when purchasing guns, ammo, and gear.


FirearmsThe first thing you will need is a weapon. If you don’t own one, there is a wide variety of firearms to choose from. If you prefer to keep things light, you can go with a Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer or another pistol brand. When it comes to long guns, the most popular units are Remington and AKS, but you can also go with other brands, such as M1A or Barrett 416.


When purchasing ammo, you need to find a reliable store that offers online pricing. You may go online, but keep in mind that the best way to buy something is to see what you are buying. That way you know that you won’t get tricked. It is up to you to pick what type of ammunition works for your needs, but here are some of the most commonly purchased brands:

  • Federal/American Eagle – designed in the United States of America, these rounds are affordable
  • PMC – the country of origin is South Korea and you can get adequate quality at a low price
  • Blazer – an excellent choice when it comes to budget-friendly brands
  • Tula – if you are looking for AK ammo, don’t look any further than this
  • Fiocchi – it might have a high price tag, but you will get top quality rounds in return

Shooting Range Gear

Shooting Range Gear

If you are a serious shooter, you take your own equipment to the shooting range. Here are some categories and products to consider:

  • Eye Protection – some of the recommended models include Radiant Revelation, which is extremely affordable, and Wiley X Saber, which is among the best-selling units on the market
  • Ear Protection – if you are a beginner and you do not want to waste a lot of money, you can use foam earplugs. However, advanced shooters use earmuffs, such as the ones manufactured by 3M, which is the most reputable brand in the industry
  • Portable Cleaning Kits – you can’t go wrong in this area as most of them offer adequate brushes and other tools needed to clean your firearms. You can also consider equipping yourself with a hex/Allen key set and a screwdriver in case something gets loose while you are at the shooting range. There are also gun specific tools that you may consider if you own a particular firearm
  • Targets – there is a huge choice of targets based on your needs and desires. Sometimes noticing your hit might take a while but you can accelerate the process by purchasing targets that clearly color your hits. If you are a passionate shooter, think about purchasing a target that bleeds when you make a critical hit. For those of you who can afford to splash the cash, self-healing targets can offer an exciting challenge
  • Pistol Cases – you can choose between soft and hard cases. The latter ones should be used if you are going on a long trip or flying. However, if the shooting range is in your area, purchasing a soft case for your firearm is more than enough. If you own multiple weapons similar in size, you can even purchase a double case that accommodates two guns

Where to Buy the Best Ammunition and Equipment?

If you are located in Sacramento or a nearby California area, you can visit The Gun Range store. There you can find the widest selection of ammo, as well as various firearm gear, accessories, and tools. The polite staff is there to answer any question you might have and help you to make the right choice. Visit the store to find out why each client leaves feeling 100% satisfied.

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