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Reloading Supplies in Sacramento

As a gun owner, you’ll be acutely aware of the shortage of ammunition on a nationwide basis.

To make matters even worse, you’re probably familiar with Prop 63 which puts new restrictions on purchasing ammo in California. We wrote a blog post about this here.

Perhaps you’ve considered attempting to save money on ammo through educating yourself on how to reload your own bullets… If so, we’ve also written an extensive article on reloading as well.

But you’re not alone! Many gun owners across the country have been turning their attentions to this relatively new-found and booming hobby which is referred to as “reloading.”

What Exactly Is Reloading?

Together with the increasing costs, shortages of ammunition have likewise driven many a gun owner to enroll in a reloading class. And that’s because there’s no other way to get your hands on supplies of ammunition.

Nevertheless, the hobby of reloading, at least for some, represents not only a necessity but a significant cost saving. Many gun owners are reporting savings of around two-thirds of the cost of traditional ammunition. All the same, this price saving is changing, given that the demand is so high while there’s a scarcity of supply.

While reloading increases in the level of popularity, stores nationwide have been struggling to keep a pace with the demand with respect to the supply of ammunition, and that is inclusive of brass and powder. And of course, this leads to a rise in pricing.

Only recently, gun shows served as primary locales whereby gun enthusiasts could get their supplies – anything and everything from slugs, powder, and primers. Now, however, such components are more and more scarce.

Reloading Supplies at The Gun Range in Sacramento


But You Can Find Stock of Powders, Primers, Dies, and More @ The Gun Range

What has caused this rise in prices in purchased ammo?

A shortage of ammunition. In turn this has led to ammunition hoarding on account that gun owners think that ammunition will be completely outlawed any time soon.

All the same, there are peaks and troughs in the trends of ammunition purchases. One month could see people investing in the maximum amount of permissible ammunition, which is five boxes per customer, while the next could witness a normal level of consumption.

So, the question arises, with a return to normalcy in terms of the availability and thus affordability of supplies of ammunition, will the reloading craze subside?

Inevitably it will. But then, the next question would be, for how long?


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