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Walther P22


The Walther P22 is lightweight and rather small in size. It is a 22 LR semi-auto gun which resembles the P99 a bit. However, you can easily see a lot more identity and resemblance in the PPQ and the brand new CCP model of the same manufacturer. The gun has a rather ambidextrous safety right on the side, and it comes with an external hammer. Other than that, the pistol has a very futuristic appeal which brings a lot of impressive exteriors, but it might be a bit too much when you start using it.



Right off the bat, the gun is rather cozy. It comes with particularly ergonomic grips. It comes with frame back straps which are interchangeable which makes them easily customized. You can also find a re-assembly rod, one magazine as well as a trigger lock and an additional set of back straps in the box. It is a ten-round magazine gun, and you can get quite a lot of shots before you have to reload it. That is convenient, to say the least. The experience of holding and shooting the P22 is substantial, and the accuracy is comparable to the high-end models.


Test It Out

It is particularly important for one to examine the gun out before using it to ensure that one can handle everything as per the highest standards. To do so, you should pay us a visit. You can take a few testing rounds and fire away, so it will provide you with proper impression when it comes to the way the gun feels, and it is something that you need to go through. Of course, if you do not think that this is the gun for you, we have a range of other models that you can also try and test.

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