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What is California Proposition 63?

Gun owners in California now face significantly more obstacles in the legal possession of firearms. Proposition 63, also called the “Safety For All” bill by proponents, was passed on November 8, 2016 and was spearheaded by Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California. It is a bill passed by the California state legislature with the aim to reduce the incidence of firearm crime in the state. According to Michele Hanisee, President of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, “Its passage would have zero effect on criminals – other than to encourage them to commit more crimes.” It seems like this proposition, which is opposed by most law enforcement agencies, will have significant effects on citizens’ gun rights and abilities to obtain ammunition.

What does it do?

Proposition 63 will require anyone wishing to purchase ammunition in California to pass a background check, and will require ammunition vendors to apply for and hold a license for the sale of ammunition. In other words, the sale of firearms in California will be regulated in the same capacity as the ammunition for the guns. In addition, large capacity magazines (which hold more than 10 rounds) will be effectively banned.

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What does this mean?

  • You will need to apply for a 4 year permit from the Department of Justice that will cost up to $50, allowing you to purchase ammunition in California
  • Ammunition vendors must hold a license in order to sell ammo
  • “Large capacity” magazines will be illegal beginning July 2017
  • Increased state spending as a result of regulatory costs
  • Increased court and law enforcement costs, up to tens of millions annually
  • It will be illegal for people previously convicted of misdemeanor firearm theft to own guns
  • Law enforcement officers will be required to confiscate these firearms, using up resources and putting LEO’s at risk
  • Ammunition vendors and individuals are legally required to report the loss or theft of firearms within 5 days or face infractions

How does this compare to other states?

Although there are several states that come close to California in terms of gun law strictness, California still has the most harsh laws in the U.S.; according to Amber Phillips of The Washington Post, “the strictest state in the nation is California.” As stated by the Official Voter Information Guide for November 8, 2016, in which the pros and cons of Proposition 63 were discussed,  “New York recently abandoned its enforcement of a similar proposal after it was passed, finding that it was impossible to implement and effectively maintain.”

Over at The Gun Range…

We are committed to maintaining up to date information regarding changes in the legislation and always follow current firearm law accordingly. We adhere to all required regulations in the state of California, and are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for the educated handling of firearms. Come visit us soon!

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