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What You Need to Know About Renewing Your CCW in Sacramento and Surrounding Counties

Obtaining a CCW license is filled with many obstacles, and renewal also holds some challenges. The top concern for holders of a conceal and carry permit is making sure to do all the appropriate paperwork, and getting it in on time. Once a CCW lapses, you will have to start the process over again. Depending on where you live specific requirements must be met and where you need to go to complete the renewal process. Let’s go through some of the qualifications, limitations, and requirements for Placer County, Sacramento County, and El Dorado Country. By the end, you’ll know almost everything you need to know to stay legal for your carry concealed weapon license.

When to File Your Renewal

The question of when to file seems to pop up rather frequently. The CCW permit needs to be renewed every two years in most cases. It is critical not to let it lapse and become expired. In doing so, you will have to go through the entire process again for obtaining your concealed carry weapon license. For Placer and El Dorado County, they suggest getting your renewal in early. These means don’t wait to file at the last minute. Most indicate that at least 30 days before expiration is a reasonable time frame, and Sacramento County says 30-45. However, El Dorado County won’t take your renewal unless you are in the 30-day window before expiration. Counties will process the request in the order received, and it can take some time to complete the process.

For Sacramento County, in the event you let your permit expire, you only have a 60 day grace period to get your application in for a renewal. After 60 days you will have to file a new claim and submit all the paperwork for a new permit. In Placer County, anything after 120 days will require you to start the process all over again with a new application.


There is a standard fee that applies to all CCW renewal applicants in California. You must pay at the time of renewal the $77.00 price. The fee includes the $52.00 Department of Justice fee and the $25.00 administration fee. These costs include all the counties in California and have no change regardless of what county you reside.

After submitting your application for renewal, you find that you need to make a change to your license, which can include updating your CCW list of firearms there is also a fee. The fee for making any changes is $10.00.


For those wishing to renew their permit, there is more than just paying a fee and submitting the correct paperwork. Applicants must complete continuing education courses for Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County. Classes must be 4 hours long and have to be completed within a particular time frame of reapplication. These counties require you to complete the courses within 90 days before submitting your application.

It’s essential to note that for every type of firearm you want to be listed on your CCW license you will have to take a 4-hour course for as well. You must include the certificate of proof of qualification of each weapon for it to be included on your permit. For the moment, and in most counties, the limit is three handguns that can be listed.

Important Websites For Renewing

Each county provides an easy way to renew online. To qualify for online renewal, most counties require that you be in good standing, and not have an expired license. No appointments are necessary when you need to renew your CCW. For convenience here are direct links to get started.

Placer County –
Sacramento County –
El Dorado County –

What you Need to Renew Online

To renew online, you will want to have a few items handy. If you have gone through the process before then, you know this can be time-consuming to do correctly. No matter which county you reside, you must upload a few documents along with filling out the online application and paying the standard $77.00 fee.

You must scan a copy of your driver’s license or state ID. Your driver’s license should contain your current address and match that of your application. Applications will also need to include two forms for proof of residency. This can consist of utility bills and a lease, check with the websites to ensure you have proper documentation. You will also need to submit your classes for basic and safety education certificate at this time.

For most people needing to renew they find uploading the documents to be the most challenging. Each document should be scanned individually to ensure every item is received. Remember it’s essential to complete your 4-hour continuing education course 90 days before renewal.

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