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What You Should Know about Owning a Gun in California

The two most common reasons for owning a gun include keeping yourself and your family safe and being passionate about firearms. There are people who like to brag with their weapon collection. Regardless of your reason, it is vital to comply with gun laws and regulations for owning a gun. Let’s make an overview of things that you should know if you are living in California.

Things to Know About New Gun Laws

The state government occasionally makes adjustments to gun laws and it is essential to be informed and comply with the changes that happen. One of the restrictions that have recently been implemented is that California laws now do not allow buying an assault rifle. You can, however, own one, but make sure to register it.

From July 2019, you can also expect background checks when buying or transferring ammo. When buying ammunition online, you can’t choose direct mailing anymore, but need to have it delivered to an authorized vendor. Furthermore, you cannot bring ammo from other states anymore.

The final change worth mentioning is related to open-carrying of long guns, which is now prohibited, but only if county supervisors already banned shooting firearms.

Background Checks for Gun Ownership

Another issue often concerning potential gun owners is the background check. It is vital to mention that it will only be done in case you are purchasing a firearm from a retailer who is an FFL – Federal Firearms Licensee. In that case, the law is clear and this is a mandatory procedure each buyer must pass to potentially qualify for owning a gun.

Concerns for your mental health or previous criminal record may be some of the reasons to deny your ownership. If you have been convicted of domestic violence, have a warrant issued on your name, or living in the US illegally, the chances are that you will be rejected.

The good news is that background checks take less than a minute if you are clean. If any issue arises, FBI has 30 days to review the request and approve or deny it. In case they do not answer, the sale can be finalized.

How to Rent a Gun?

If you do not have any experience with a particular gun, it is a smart move to rent it before buying. This will give you a chance to get to know the process of loading and firing it. There are numerous long guns and handguns available at the Gun Range. You just need to pick your favorite and test how it works.

Please note that the rental cost varies depending on the weapon you select. The general rule of thumb is that rifles are more expensive to rent than handguns. The staff will also ensure that you get the right ammunition for that firearm. Keep in mind that you can’t bring your own ammo to the range or take the one you bought home.

You will also need additional equipment, such as ear and eye protection, as well as targets so that you can practice your shooting skills.

Renewing Your CCW

It is believed that renewing your CCW is simpler than obtaining it and that is true to some extent, but it doesn’t mean the process will be a piece of cake. The requirements may vary on the county you live in. The essential thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t wait for the license to expire. It is vital to send a renewal request earlier so that there is enough time to actually get it renewed.

When it comes to fees, there is a standard price of $77 regardless of the county plus $10 if changes are necessary. There are also courses you will need to complete for every weapon on your CCW list. Another thing to consider is that most counties do not allow more than three handguns to be mentioned in your license.

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