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Will California Tighten Its Gun Laws Again?

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The State of California isn’t ignoring the rate of firearm suicides and mass shootings happening on its territory. The legislators joined forces and decided to implement over ten fresh restrictions that have the goal of tightening the gun laws. The interesting thing to mention is that some of the bills’ votes were close to being unanimous, although some of the restrictions were obviously passed due to party-related voting. As expected, the Democrats supported the bills and, considering they are the major part of the state Assembly and Senate, there were no problems in passing them.

Before the bills are officially implemented, Governor Jerry Brown has the option of signing them or using a veto. There is no indication whether Brown will sign the measure, but he has done so with most of the previous bills related to gun control over the last couple of years. When asked for comment, the office of the Governor replied that they have nothing to say on the issue.

Earlier this year, 17 students and members of the staff of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were murdered in a mass shooting incident.

“We felt the need to step up when we heard the parents and the students of that school,” revealed Senator Anthony Portantino (D).

The two bills that many consider being controversial were sponsored by Portantino. One of those restricts selling guns to citizens younger than 21 unless the parents bought the weapon as a gift. The other one has the goal of dealing with bulk buys and restricts the allowed amount of guns anyone can buy on a monthly basis to one. These bills should now be expanded to shotguns, rifles, and other long guns since they are already applied to handguns.

According to the National Rifle Association, the legislators do not have proper priorities.

“They should focus on the fact that weapons are wrongly used for criminal acts. Instead, the legislators are once again passing bills that affect the Californians that abide the law,” said the spokeswoman of the organization Amy Hunter.

Portantino offered an explanation and revealed that these bills were passed so that nobody who wants to inflict harm on others or themselves could come into possession of a firearm. According to him, law enforcement members and sportsmen will be exceptions to the law.

“Police officers, soldiers, and hunters are not who we want to be affected by this law. Instead, our goal is to limit the accessibility of weapons to young persons who do not have proper training as that brings the risk of mayhem.”

Here are some other things that the new bills would change:

  • Required live-fire session and eight hours of total training and instruction for those that want to obtain a CCW permit
  • If you are convicted of domestic violence, you wouldn’t be permitted to own a weapon for the rest of your life (the current law sets the ban to 10 years)
  • The period of forbidding a person who visited a psychiatric facility from buying a weapon will be extended

It might be interesting to mention that the last bill was largely supported by both Republicans and Democrats.


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